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Small, Big Italy

Manzoni Italian School Hong Kong

Who we are

Scuola Italiana Manzoni is an organization coordinated by a small group of parents living in Hong Kong. Since its foundation it has played an important role...

What do we do

The purpose of the Scuola Italiana Manzoni is to offer children aged 4 to 14 a weekly appointment where they can speak, read, write and experience the Italian language…

Why we do it

To give the children of Italian families who have moved here to Hong Kong or who have lived here for several generations the opportunity to learn the Italian language and culture...

Our Courses


Our history

Since its foundation, Scuola Italiana Manzoni has helped its students acquire fundamental skills in the Italian language and confidently advance in their learning journey. 

Our school has become a point of reference for Italians who live in Hong Kong and want to keep the Italian language and culture alive in their children too.

News and updates

We are proud of our media section, where we publish the latest articles, news, events and important information about the Scuola Italiana Manzoni.

Take a look at our section and contact us for any comments or requests.


School Calendar 2024/25

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