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Homework Support


The Scuola Italiana Manzoni organizes this course to consolidate the Italian language learned during the Saturday lesson.
We are aware that many of you do not have the time or do not have the possibility, often because they speak a different language, to help your children with the homework assigned by the teachers at our school.
This service aims to help our students review, revise, complete homework and consolidate their reading and writing in Italian.
It will be made up of groups of 3 students (minimum and maximum number), divided by age groups: first and second grade together, third, fourth and fifth grade together and junior and senior middle school together.
Depending on the memberships and requests on zoom or in person, we will try to meet your needs, in exchange we ask you to make this commitment for 10 lessons.
These lessons  are  aimed at children from first grade to eighth grade.

For info and reservation contact

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