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School regulation

  • Classes are held on Saturday mornings at ESF Quarry Bay School, according to the scheduled timetable, from 9:15 to 12:15.

  • Absences must be justified by a parent or guardian.

  • According to current legislation, pupils with contagious diseases cannot be admitted to the classroom. As a general rule, at least 24 hours have passed since the last episode of fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc.

  • The student who needs to leave the class early and presents a written request from the parents must in any case be picked up by a parent or guardian present in the class.

  • Students using school transport must be urged by teachers and parents to ensure responsible behavior during the journey. Once they arrive ​​at school, they will get off the bus in an orderly fashion and head towards the playground at the entrance where they will be greeted by one of the teachers in charge. After class, accompanied by the teachers, they will have to line up on the bus and then head to their respective means of transport.

  • Parents who wish to collect their children at the exit, before the buses leave, must show up before the departure time (12.10pm). Please notify the class teacher of the change as well. In case of delay of the parent, the children will leave by bus as usual.

  • Students must be picked up by an adult upon arrival at their destination. Only children from the fourth grade onwards can get off the bus, with the written consent of their parents, without the presence of an adult to pick them up.

  • In the event that no one is present to receive the child, the child will be held on the bus and taken to the final parking area of the same, where the "bus mother" will wait for the parent.

  • See the Provisions in case of bad weather.

  • School-family communications will be sent via e-mail. The teachers will send weekly information on what has been done in class and on the homework assigned.

  • If the need arises, parents are invited to contact the teachers and the educational coordinator in order to establish a fruitful school/family collaboration.

The certificate of attendance with profit will be issued only to students who demonstrate seriousness and commitment and who will not make a number of absences exceeding 8 Saturdays from lessons.

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