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Bus service

The Scuola Italiana Manzoni offers a school bus service. Its cost is included in the annual and non-separable membership fee. Over the years we have had children from all over Hong Kong and we always try to organize the routes to ensure a comfortable journey even for those who have a long distance.


The routes are established every year and the children are divided into the reference buses. If a family were to move during the school year, please notify our bus coordinator who will check the possibility of transferring the student to another bus.

Before school starts, the bus routes with the respective stops and times will be sent to parents via email.


If you do not receive the communication, please email our bus coordinator directly.

Please be aware that we have no way to reach Discovery Bay residents due to travel time issues. Children from there will be picked up at the bus stop in front of the ferry dock. For any details and times, write to:


We only allow children to get off the bus unaccompanied if we receive the following form completed and signed.


From the age of 9 it is allowed to get off the bus unaccompanied. This is possible only with the consent of the parents through the delivery of the following form completed and signed.

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