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The objectives are to teach/maintain spelling and grammatical skills through the study of grammar and written composition and implement reading and comprehension of texts. For this reason, it is required that at the time of enrolment; the student has a reasonable knowledge of spoken Italian.

The age range includes children from 4 years old (preschool) to 14 years old to complete lower secondary school.

The year is generally divided into 2 quarters.

To enroll your children at the Scuola Italiana Manzoni you must complete the enrollment form and send it together with a check or bank deposit receipt to:
Scuola Italiana Manzoni Ltd – P.O. Box 23606 – Wan Chai Post Office – Hong Kong.

download the pdf

Download the PDF document where you will find all the details: timing, annual cost of the school including bus and all the information necessary for enrolment.

enter the data

The document requires some personal information such as contact details and some information regarding the student who will attend our school.

make the payment

Once the form has been completed, attach the check or bank transfer certificate to it, made payable as described in the downloaded PDF

send the documents

Send the form and attachments both by email to and in a sealed envelope to the address indicated in the PDF

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