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Who we are

Supporters of the Italian Language

Scuola Italiana Manzoni is an organization coordinated by a small group of parents living in Hong Kong.

Since its foundation it has played an important role in spreading the Italian language and today it can be defined as the only Italian school in Asia that finances itself thanks to enrollments and the support of our sponsors.

Choosing to let your children attend our Saturday morning lessons means not only giving them the opportunity to get closer to the Italian language, but also keeping this language alive in the world through future generations.

Welcome to the Manzoni Italian School.


Our history

The story of the new Manzoni School in Hong Kong begins in 2004. The old school had big problems, both corporate and economic, so much so that during the last school year, lessons ended prematurely due to lack of funds. It was then that they asked me to take care of it and I gladly accepted.

There were so many urgent things to do. First of all it was necessary to give it a correct corporate structure. Then it was necessary to guarantee parents regular lessons throughout the school year. Last but not least, it was important to secure the necessary financial means to achieve these goals, both personally and with other fundraising activities.

After completing these three points, we started the new lessons. Thanks also to the valuable contribution of the various educational coordinators and teachers, the school has become very popular among our community. At the beginning of each school year we have recorded constant increases in the number of enrollments, becoming the most important Italian school in Asia.

Having our own school, even if only for a few hours a week, is of vital importance. Indeed, it is only thanks to this that we can guarantee our children supplementary courses in writing, listening and speaking, as well as the study of our history and our geography. This, in my opinion, remains the most effective means of keeping the love for our distant homeland alive in their hearts.

The management of the school is now taken care of by other willing people who, with commendable dedication, are continuing my work. I have no doubt that they are starting to gain new successes and will add to the prestige of this institution.

I thank all of you, I send you my most cordial greetings and I wish you a good continuation of your work.

Eligio Oggionni

Honorary President


Meet our Team

Our teachers

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